Company Registration

So you want to start your own business and provide customers with the best products and services money can buy?  Congratulations!

We provide expert advice and fast company and employer registration services in the whole of South Africa since 2002.

We specialise in registering the following enterprise types quickly to your satisfaction, so you can start providing your unique services within 3 days (minimum registration period for a private company at Tax Pro Shop SA).

  • Private company.
  • Non-profit company.
  • Co-operative enterprise.

What’s more, we will also help you choose the best legal structure, and most tax efficient one, for your business.

For your convenience, our business is located in Pretoria and can  apply on your behalf and fast-deliver your Letter of Good Standing to any destination in South Africa.

For more information and answers to company registration query, please connect with Tax Pro Shop SA via our contact page or phone 0813005356

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