July 30, 2018

Tax Pro Shop SA

Welcome to Tax Pro Shop SA!

And since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re in need of solutions for either your small business or the 2018 SARS tax season which is currently underway until 31 August. With us, you will be able to avoid paying those high penalties and interest SARS imposes on the majority of late tax return filers.

Our Services

We help small businesses and individuals solve income tax and company registration problems. For example,  we are convenienly located in Pretoria to help you register to the  Compensation Fund for fast delivery of your Letter of Good Standing.

Opening Hours

For your convenience, we are open for business from 8:00 am  to 6:00 pm (Monday-Saturday.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Simply put, we’re here to make great things happen for you and your small business. Here are some of our highlights:

  • We provide fast company registration services for all types of businesses.
  • We help small business owners with  compliance issues at government agencies.
  • Our customer  support service is miles ahead  of our competition.
  • We provide small business advice you can rely on – at no extra cost to you.
  • Got any service query? Tax Pro Shop SA will help you get all the answers you need to your satisfaction.
  • Best of all, we offer 100 per cent money back guarantee on all services provided directly by us.

For more information about Tax Pro Shop SA services, connect with us today.

Contact Phone 081 300 5d356

Email us: Click here to send email

Visit us or Write to:

11 Mongarva St., Atteridgeville Ext 17,  Atteridgeville West, Gauteng, 0008

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