Tax Services

The South African tax code is ever-changing. What’s more,  The South African Revenue Serv or SARS announced in October 2018 that it will impose administrative non-compliance penalties for outstanding company tax return starting November 2018.

Administrative non-compliance penalties are imposed on companies that fail to submit income tax returns in terms of the South African Income Tax Act.

According to SARS’ Acting Commissioner, penalties ranging from R250 to R16000 for each tax return outstanding since 2009 and subsequent year, will be imposed on those who failed to respond to SARS final  letter of demand within 21 business days.

At Tax Pro Shop SA we can help you solve tax compliance and related problems so you can avoid these penalties from being imposed on any of your personal  and company tax returns.

Below are some of our value-add tax related services for your peace of mind in 2019 and beyond.

1. Personal tax return preparation and submission.
2. Tax clearance certificate application.
3. VAT vendor registration.
4. Nomination of public officer.
5. Submission of supporting documents.
6. SARS audit and document review assistance.
7. Personal profile monitoring.
8. Request for Statement of Account.
9. Payment Plan Arrangements, and many more.

For more information and service inquiry, connect with Tax Pro Shop SA via the contact form or phone 081 300 5356

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