Tax Services

The South African tax code is ever-changing.

With that in mind, can you afford to go the D-I-Y route and do your own tax return preparation and risk getting on the wrong side of the taxman (SARS) or would you rather play it safe hire a SARS registered tax practitioner who can provide 100 per cent peace of mind this tax seasons?

If you would rather choose the latter option, why not make Tax Pro Shop SA your partner of choice for the 2018 tax season and beyond.

Check out our popular time-saving and affordable tax solutions for individuals and small businesses:

1. Personal tax return preparation and submission.
2. Tax clearance certificate application.
3. VAT vendor registration.
4. Nomination of public officer.
5. Submission of supporting documents.
6. SARS audit and documentreview review assistance.
7. Personal profile monitoring.
8. Request for Statement of Account.
9. Payment Plan Arrangements, and many more.

For more information and service inquiry, connect with Tax Pro Shop SA via the contact form or phone 081 300 5356